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Safety Solution of Central Computer Room


Safety Solution of Central Computer Room

Safety Solution of Central Computer Room

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Safety solution of central computer room - Building a protecting network for core assets of customers

The modern computer rooms are equipped with complete and expensive instruments and apparatuses, wires and cables which are easy to combust and cause disastrous consequence. According to statistics, in various causes of fire in computer room, 30% of fire is caused by power supply system (AC/DC power, UPS battery, generator and power supply line), 18% of fire is caused by other electrical devices in the building, including elevators, air conditioners, heating equipment, lighting systems, etc.; and 10% of fire is directly caused by wires inside devices.

But if real-time monitoring and timely handling are guaranteed, most of hidden dangers and fires can be controlled. Our automatic gas fire extinguishing systems can eliminate fire early by real-time monitoring and response, and minimize your losses.